Dan Barouch, MD, PhD and colleagues publish two landmark COVID-19 studies

Prototype Vaccine Protects Monkeys From Coronavirus...

Dhruv Kazi, MD, MSc, MS (Cardiology, BIDMC) and colleagues quantified the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the numbers of patients seeking medical attention for select potentially life-threatening diagnoses.

Researchers Report Sharp Decline in Patient Visits for Heart Attack, Stroke and Cancer Care During COVID-19 Pandemic Lindsey Diaz-MacInnisldiaz2@bidmc.harvard.edu MAY...

Dan Barouch, MD, PhD (Center for Virology and Vaccine Research, BIDMC) discusses the timeline and process of developing a vaccine.

It’s a tortuous path with regulatory hurdles at multiple points along the way

Michael Yaffe, MD (Cardiology, BIDMC) weighs in on an unexplained phenomenon in some COVID-19 patients – excessive blood clotting and increased risk of stroke.

Doctors have reported a flurry of cases in Covid-19 patients — including a healthy 27-year-old emergency medical technician in Queens. After a month in the hospital, he is learning to walk again.

Decoding COVID-19

Scientists race to understand and defeat the coronavirus behind the COVID-19 pandemic.

Joanna Sharpless, MD (Palliative Care, BIDMC) writes on how visitor restrictions have impacted end-of-life decisions for terminally ill patients.

The Pandemic Is Changing How We Die—And Not Just for COVID-19 Patients

Andrew Marshall, MD (Emergency Medicine, BIDMC) discusses the racial disparities in COVID-19 cases.

‘We’re angry and we’re hurting.’ Why communities of color suffer more from COVID-19

Lindon Beckford(Patient Transport, BIDMC)helps put patients at ease by singing songs, a practice he has done for more than 30 years and continues to do through the pandemic.

Actor and Director Lee Grant, Lindon Beckford, And More…

Kevin Tabb, MD (President & CEO, BILH) discusses the partnerships and cooperation between the Boston-area hospitals in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pandemic spawns new spirit of collaboration for Boston’s longtime rival hospitals